Cologne Applied Just Right

Cologne applied just right has the power to make people swoon. What’s the secret? Apply sparingly and in all the right places. Read on to learn how it’s done.

Method 1 of 3:Knowing When to Wear Cologne

1. Wear cologne at the appropriate times

Wear cologne at the appropriate times. Cologne is not necessary at work, but it’s generally acceptable. A big event, such as a wedding, funeral, party, or night out on the town, might easily call for cologne.

Be aware of how your body’s oils interact with your cologne. If you’re going clubbing, for example, it may not be the best idea to apply lots of cologne: your natural body odor mixed with cologne may be even worse smelling than just your natural body odor.
Some people are allergic to cologne. You’ll need to be sensitive of this potential issue when working in an office or spending time in other indoor areas.

2. Wear cologne because it makes you smell good, feel good, and act confident

Wear cologne because it makes you smell good, feel good, and act confident. Any other reason to wear cologne (“Because I want to feel like a man,” “Because my friend is doing it,” etc.) is pointless. Wear cologne when you need the fragrance. With that being said, apply it when you feel like it and enjoy your scent.

3. Choose different colognes for different occasions

Choose different colognes for different occasions. Many men prefer to wear one cologne during the day, at work, and a completely different one when they go out. Some sources recommend a lighter, citrus-based scent for afternoons and workplace environments, and a stronger scent with spice undertones or musky notes for the night.

Method 2 of 3:Deciding Where to Apply It

1. Apply the cologne to your pulse points

Apply the cologne to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that produce a lot of body heat. The heat will cause the fragrance to continue to smell good all day long. If you just put the cologne on your clothes, it may not be detectable for long.

The insides of your wrists are a good spot for cologne.

Behind the ears is another spot that many men like to utilize.

2. Consider the chest

Consider the chest. This is a great place to apply cologne since it scents your shirt and provides a nice burst of scent to whomever you might end up hugging.

3. Don’t forget the neck

Don’t forget the neck. If you’re relatively sure your date’s head may be close to your neck at some point during the evening, be sure to dab some cologne on your neck for good measure. Your date does not want to smell sweat so add a medium amount on your neck. Cologne applied here mixes with your natural scent, creating a unique smell that is truly you.

4. Keep it clear of areas where you sweat excessively

Keep it clear of areas where you sweat excessively. If you tend to get body odor, don’t use cologne as a way to mask it. Less appealing smells don’t mix well with cologne, so it’s best not to layer it on in the wrong areas.

5. Choose one or two spots

Choose one or two spots. You don’t have to put cologne on every pulse point; in fact, if you do so your scent will probably be overwhelming for those around you. Choose a few spots, and keep it subtle.

Method 3 of 3:Putting it On

1. Take a shower first

Take a shower first. The hot water cleanses your skin and opens your pores, providing a good base for the cologne. It won’t smell good mixed with dirty skin, and if you spray it on dry it may not last as long.

2. Spray from several inches away

Spray from several inches away. If your cologne has a spray bottle, do not spray right next to your skin; you don’t want the liquid dripping down your shirt. It’ll be way too strong, so hold it a few inches from your body and give yourself a light squirt.

3. Dab very sparingly

Dab very sparingly. If your bottle doesn’t have a spray nozzle, use the dabbing method. Cover the open bottle with your finger, tip the bottle, then right the bottle and put it down. Dab the liquid on your finger in the area where you wish to apply the cologne.

One small dab is sufficient; don’t double-dab.
Wash your hands after using this method, so you don’t get cologne smell on everything you touch.

4. Don’t rub it in

Don’t rub it in. This changes the way the cologne smells and makes the scent go away faster. Instead of rubbing the cologne, just spray or dab it on and let it dry on the skin.

5. Don’t mix cologne with other smells

Don’t mix cologne with other smells. You shouldn’t wear cologne with strongly-scented deodorant or aftershave. The smells might not go well together, and the combination could leave you smelling like a department store perfume counter.

6. Don’t reapply too often

Don’t reapply too often. You’ll quickly grow used to the smell of your cologne, to the point where you might think it’s completely worn off. Other people, however, will still be able to smell it. You probably don’t need to apply cologne more than once a day, right before you go out. If you absolutely feel the need to put on some more, keep it light.