How to Delete Your Uber Account

Cancel an Uber Account This site teaches you how to delete your Uber account using a computer, phone, or tablet. Though your account will be immediately deactivated once canceled, you’ll have 30 days to re-enable it if you change your mind. Once those 30 days pass, the account will be purged from Uber’s servers. Method … Read more

Calm Your Horse Down Quickly

Calm Your Horse Down Quickly A horse’s emotions depend on her surroundings and the emotions of his or her human counterpart. Some horses have a tendency to be scared easily, or get “spooked.” Sometimes spooking can occur simply because a horse comes into contact with an unfamiliar object, sometimes because of an alteration of its … Read more

Reasons to be sick when you need a day off

Call in Sick When You Just Need a Day Off Everyone needs the occasional unscheduled day of leisure or mental health break. Unfortunately, your workplace probably doesn’t appreciate your spontaneity, and with good reason. Luckily, there is something you can do in this exact situation: call in sick. Obviously this isn’t a technique you can … Read more

Call an Company Extension Number

Call an Extension Number Extension numbers allow big companies to connect callers to dozens of different departments and employees. There are several shortcuts to save time when calling company extension numbers. Thanks to sophisticated operating systems, you can even program smart phones to dial extensions for you. Method 1 of 2:Using a Smart Phone 1. … Read more

Make People Believe You’re a Mermaid at School

Make People Believe You’re a Mermaid at School Mermaids are popular in folklore, television, and movies. Their beauty and mysterious qualities are part of what makes the idea of them so alluring. Although you can’t live underwater, you can display some mermaid-like qualities while at school. You can dress like a mermaid and wear accessories, … Read more

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice

Make Passion Fruit Juice Freshly made passion fruit juice has an incomparable tropical flavor that is tangy and sweet at the same time. But if you have never worked with fresh passion fruits before, cutting into the wrinkly shell and scooping out the seedy pulp can seem like a lot of work. However, with the … Read more

Make Origami the Japanese Art of Paper Folding

Make Origami Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is as impressive as it is intimidating. How do you turn a piece of paper into a beautiful bird? Start by learning how to understand the symbols in origami diagrams, then practice some of the most common folding techniques. When you’re ready to fold your own … Read more

How to Make Origami Paper

Make Origami Paper Origami is the art of paper folding. Most origami artists use special lightweight paper that comes in small squares. However, sometimes this paper can be difficult to find. If you don’t have specialty paper on hand but still want to practice your folding, there are a number of ways you can repurpose … Read more

Make Favorite Norwegian Sandwich

Make Norwegian Open Faced Sandwiches Scandinavian open-faced (Smørbrød) sandwiches offer your guests the opportunity to fix sandwiches the way they like them. Below are some basic and traditional ideas for serving this meal. Open-faced sandwiches are popular throughout Scandinavia and almost all sandwiches are similar in theme. Here are some Norwegian sandwich favorites! Method 1 … Read more

Make Moss Graffiti or Green Grafiti

Make Moss Graffiti Creating living, breathing moss graffiti is an eco-friendly and exciting way to make art! Also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, moss graffiti replaces spray paint, paint-markers or other such toxic chemicals. You can create outdoor moss graffiti on concrete, stone, or brick walls. Just don’t graffiti walls that you don’t own because … Read more

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